Bit By a Grue was founded by Arsoth in Late 2014 and ran until mid 2015 due to a differing of interests in the project between the hosts.

Desire to run a podcast simmered in the back of Arsoth’s mind until 2020, when a surplus of time and the right combination of people spawned a resurgence of Bit By A Grue, back bigger and better than ever.

We focus on Computing, Gaming, and Streaming news in an every-other-week format, recording on Monday or Tuesday and publishing on the following Saturday.

You can catch our podcasts right here on the site, on YouTube, or anywhere else Podcasts are commonly served; with subscription links for various services shown under each episode.

You can also catch most of us on Twitch and YouTube in the time between podcasts by checking out Grue Gaming (a Bit By A Grue subsidiary), which is our Streaming Community.